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Research Data Management

Background and links to more information about data management issues.

Getting Started with HTRC Analytics

HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) enables computational analysis of works in the HathiTrust Digital Library (HTDL) to facilitate non-profit research and educational uses of the collection.

HTRC operates under a non-consumptive research paradigm: HTRC makes available the collection for computational analysis, while remaining clearly within the bounds of the fair use rights courts have recognized as applying to text analysis.

Anyone possessing an email address from a nonprofit institution of higher education is allowed to register, including those whose institutions are not HathiTrust members.

The HathiTrust Digital Library

The HathiTrust Digital Library contains over 16 million volumes that span the history of printed text, primarily in English, but also in German, French, Spanish, and Russian, among over 400 other language. The collection contains both fiction, from early novels to present-day works, and nonfiction, including a robust government documents collection.


The HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) promotes scholarly use of the materials in the HathiTrust Digital Library.  It maintains complete documentation on its services (analytics, algorithms, data capsule environment, worksets, etc.), community, and use cases.

Follow the Center's Getting Started Guide to log in and access the content, datasets, and web-based, click-and-run tools to learn more and complete your own analysis.