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Census Data

Every 10 years, the United States government is required to count all of its citizens. This is a guide to the Decenniel Census. The government not only tries to count all of us, but also gather different types of data about all of us.


The Library collection includes several types of manuals and tutorials. Look for them in the call number range G 70.2 through G 70.4 in Berry Level 4. The manuals give step by step instructions in using the software, while the tutorials provide data and scenarios to help solve particular problems or questions. The following subject search for "arcgis" in the online catalog will lead you to various resources for the software. You must have the software installed to take full advantage of the tutorials or manuals.

Basic Instruction Manuals

Looking to get started with ArcGIS? I can recommend one or all of the books listed below.


Other instructional manual(s)