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Classics and Greco-Roman Archaeology

A guide to resources for the study of ancient Greece and Rome.

Key Resources

Greek Grammars
Latin Grammars
Greek Dictionaries
Latin Dictionaries

English Translations

Series with dual-language texts:

Aris & Phillips Classical Texts -- chiefly classical authors; extensive notes, mostly historical and literary.

Loeb Classical Library (available in print and online) -- for mostly classical (with some late antique) works in Greek and Latin. Older works in the series tended to be bowdlerized. Translations are workmanlike rather than literary.

Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library -- for medieval Latin, Greek, and Old English works.

I Tatti Renaissance Library -- for Renaissance Latin works.

Series with English translations only:

Translated Texts for Historians -- for late antique works in Latin, Greek, and other languages.

Routledge Later Latin Poetry -- for Latin poetry from the 4th-8th centuries.

Most canonical classical works have been translated for the Oxford World's Classics and Penguin Classics series.

Foreign-Language Translations

Collection Budé (= Collection des universites de France) -- a wide variety of Latin and Greek texts with extensive notes. Dual-language.

Sources Chrétiennes -- Patristic texts in Greek, Latin, and Syriac with extensive notes. Dual-language.