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Resources for starting your research in engineering

Key Resources

If you are looking for a specific article, a general Dartmouth Library search is a good place to start.

If you are searching for articles on a specific topic, you'll want  to search a database that is focused on engineering. The following databases are good starting points for finding engineering journal articles, conference proceedings, and more. The green "Get It" icon will link you to full-text articles.

Browse Journals

If you are curious about journals published in your field, using BrowZine is a great way to explore titles. Find titles in Engineering & Technology, broken down by dozens of subdisciplines. You can select "Journal Rank"* at the top right to sort by most impactful journals in the field.
*BrowZine uses the SCImago Journal Rank to determine the rank of each journal.

Exploring Journal Metrics

Discover Top Journals in Your Field, as Indexed by Web of Science

  • Navigate to Web of Science
  • Run a search for a Topic or Author, click "Analyze" in the top right of the results screen
  • Using the drop down, rank the results by "Publication Title"

Top Journals By Impact Factor

Journal Impact Factor is a journal level metric that is an expression of the number of times articles have been cited in the past two years, divided by the number of citeable items in Web of Science (articles and reviews only) over the past two years.

CiteScore on Scopus Sources

CiteScore is based on the number of citations to documents (articles, reviews, conference papers, book chapters, and data papers) by a journal over four years, divided by the number of the same document types indexed in Scopus and published in those same four years.