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A Definition for food security

Food security    The status of people who live without hunger, fear of hunger, or starvation. ‘Food security depends on robust food systems that encompass issues of availability, access and utilization—not merely production alone’ ( Gregory et al. (2005) Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 360, 21). ‘A key component of these newer definitions of food security is attention to building local capacity to produce and distribute food and control food supplies…[and] to keep decision-making power within the community rather than losing it through dependence on external sources of food’ (Anderson and Cook in J. Harris 2000). In southern Africa, for example, climate is among the most frequently cited drivers of food insecurity, while in the Indo-Gangetic Plain of India, labour and the availability and quality of ground water for irrigation rank higher than the direct effects of climate (Gregory et al., loc. cit.)

Korf and Bauer (2002) IIED Gatekeeper Series 106 explain the need to address food availability, access, and utilization simultaneously. Slocum (2006) Antipode 38, 2, in a study of a community food coalition in New York, reveals that ‘people of color disproportionately experience food insecurity, lose their farms and face the dangerous work of food processing and agricultural labor’. See Hyman et al. (2005) Food Policy 30 on poverty and food security mapping; and P. Porter (2006).

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