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Globalization  The increase in the volume, scale, and velocity of social (and environmental) interactions. Globalization is not new, pre-dating colonialism . Ash ( 2004 ) TIBG 29, 2 describes globalization as a politically driven project, led by the US government, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and the G8. He adds that the concept of globalization cannot explain anything, but merely ‘redescribes processes then enmeshed in discourses’. Urry ( 2005 ) Theory, Cult. & Soc. 22, 5 argues that ‘the global order is a complex world, unpredictable and irreversible, disorderly but not anarchic’. Jackson ( 2004 ) TIBG 29, 2 prefers to think of ‘globalizing’ rather than ‘globalized’, suggesting that globalization ‘might be better thought of as a site of struggle rather than as a foregone conclusion’. The strong globalization thesis stresses the primacy of global economic forces over rational/domestic political ones, emphasizing the decline of the social democratic politics and the limitations of national governments; see U. Beck ( 2000 ). Tickell and Peck in J. Peck and H. W. Yeung , eds ( 2003 ) argue that globalization is not a monolithic phenomenon, but produces its own geography. Peck and Tickell ( 2002 ) Antipode 34 differentiate neoliberalism from globalization.

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