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Development   The use of resources to relieve poverty and improve the standard of living of a nation; the means by which a traditional, low‐technology society is changed into a modern, high‐technology society, with a corresponding increase in incomes. This may be achieved through mechanization, improvements in infrastructure and financial systems, and the intensification of agriculture. This definition is based on the more obvious distinctions in living standards between developed and less developed countries, but it may be that a change to ‘western’ conditions is not in the best interests of a Third World nation.

Narrowly economic definitions of development, based on indicators such as per capita GNP, production, consumption, and investment have been criticized (see Human Development Index). Many geographers believe that true development includes improvements in social justice; for example, in a more equitable distribution of income, or in an improvement in women's and minority rights.

Development indicators as used by the World Bank include details of birth and death rates, fertility, life expectancy, health, urbanization, industrialization, production, consumption, investment, capital, income, education, energy consumption, and trade. These indices of development are simply concerned with statistics and do not indicate social structures and patterns of behaviour; there is no definitive definition of what development should be for each society, and no blue‐print for how to achieve it.


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