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The major Bible commentary series are listed here, as well as guidance to finding commentaries on individual books. It includes Jewish commentaries, historical pre-critical commentaries, and reference works on Bible interpretation.

Major English Language Bible Commentaries

Biblical Interpretation

Single-Volume Bible Commentaries

Jewish Commentaries

Pre-critical commentaries

Commentaries that were written before the advent of the historical-critical method.

How to search for commentaries in the Catalog


To find Bible commentaries in the Library Catalog, use these headings:

Bible. -- Commentaries (Commentaries on both testaments)

Bible. Old Testament -- Commentaries (On the Hebrew Bible)

Bible. Pentateuch -- Commentaries (The first five books of the Hebrew Bible)

Bible. New Testament -- Commentaries (Only on the New Testament)

Many useful commentaries are published on books of the Bible that are not necessarily part of a larger comprehensive set. To find these, search the catalog by keyword using the following pattern. You don't need to add the dashes or the periods when searching.

Bible. [name of the book] -- Commentaries

e.g.  Bible. Isaiah commentaries  

e.g.  Bible Matthew commentaries