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Religion: Bible: English Versions

Start your research using the best resources recommended by the subject librarian for religious studies. It highlights the key indexes and reference works for the academic study of religion, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and more.

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Early English Versions

Wycliffe Bible (ca. 1384)

Tyndale Bible (1525)

Matthew's Bible (1537)
Thomas Matthew, a pseudonym for John Rogers, an associate of Tyndale. Text is Tyndale's translation. (Gilmore 109)

Coverdale Bible (ca. 1535)
First complete printed edition of the Bible in English. (Gilmore 60)

Great Bible (1539)
Translated by Coverdale, based on Tyndale's translation of the Latin Vulgate.

Geneva Bible (1560)
The Bible of the Reformers, Calvin and Knox; the first English Bible to have numbered verses. Brought to America on the Mayflower by the Pilgrims.

King James Version (1611)
Also known as the Authorized Version (AV).

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About Bible Versions

For background on the history of the Bible in English, consult these sources:

Gilmore. Dictionary of the English Bible and its origins
Baker Berry Ref. BS455 .G55 2001 (Catalog Record)

Concise definitions and background on the many versions of the Bible in English.

"Versions, English" in The Anchor Bible Dictionary, vol. 6 pgs. 816-838.
Baker Berry Ref. BS440 .A54 1992

A convenient survey of the Bible in English.