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Citation Management

Information about citation management, as well as EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero.

Cite While You Write


1. Within a word document, move your cursor to where you would like your citation to be. Then select the References tab. 

2. Click on the "insert citation" and then "Go to Mendeley". 

3. Within Mendley, select the reference you would like to cite.

4. Click on the pair of quotes surrounded by a box to insert the citation into your document.  

5. Your citation has been inserted. To update the citation style, use the style dropdown menu.

6. When you've finished adding all your citations, move your cursor to the place in your document you would like your bibliography. Then click on "Insert Bibliography".


Helpful Hint: The style dropdown menu allows you to update the style of every citation in your paper with the touch of a button.