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Citation Management

Information about citation management, as well as EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero.

Sharing with other Zotero Users

Zotero allows you the creation of one private group for free (you can upgrade for more) and unlimited public groups.


Desktop Client: 

1. Select New Group..

2. You will be redirected to Zotero's Website, see directions below. 


Creating Groups: Zotero's Website 

1.Select the "groups tab". 

2. Click on "Create a group". 

3. Fill in the information for your group, choose between public, invite only and private. Select create.

4. Edit the settings of your group.

5. Return to the groups tab. Invite members to your group. 


Helpful hints:

--You can only add members to your group from Zotero's website. After your create your group online, go back to your desktop client and use the sync button to update your library 

--Changes made on Zotero's website are automatically applied, when using the desktop version, you will need to use the sync button to sync your changes with the group 

-- All group members can make changes and add references to a group

Sharing with other Citation Management Systems 

Note: RIS files can only be created from with the desktop client.

1. Select the references you would like to share (use ctrl key or ⌘ key to select more than one).

2. Select File... Export Library...

3. Name your library and make sure the save as type is ".ris". You may also choose to share your files by checking off the "export files" box

4. Click save.