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This is a research guide for Journalism, Television News, Women in Journalism, War Journalism, Fake news and Alternative Media.

A short definition of Journalism

The Oxford English Dictionary defines "journalism" as "the occupation or profession of a journalist; journalistic writing; the public journals collectively." It was first used in 1833 in the The Westminster Review published in London.

[Source: "Journalism, n." OED Online. Oxford University Press, accessed May 9, 2022]

In the library's collections

Journalism is the subject heading used in the online catalog. You can narrow the search by adding a country name after journalism. You can also browse the shelves in Baker/Berry Library to see what we have on Journalism. The call number range is PN 4699 through PN 5650 located on Stack Level 4.

Journalism Quick links

Combating fake news?

This section highlights articles about fake news, fighting against fake news and what news organizations are doing.

Internet resource(s)