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Television Studies

This guide is an introduction to library and internet resources for Television Studies.

In the Library's collections

Books about Television sit just after those on Radio in the stacks. The following subject headings and call numbers will lead you to most of the books about Television and Television broadcasting in the collection.

Books about what is actually broadcast, the history and criticism are shelved in PN 1992 through PN 1992.925 on Baker Stack Level 4.

Books on the Television broadcasting industry are in the call number range HE 8700 through HE 8700.9 on Berry Level 3.

Books on the technical aspects of Television are in the call number range TK 6630 through TK 6680.3 on Berry Level  4.

You can use one of the subject headings below to start your research:

Introductory reading(s)

Selected book title(s)

Other library resource(s)

Finding journal literature for the history of Television

You can find scholarly literature for the history of television in a variety of journals. However, if you want to do targeted searching, you can use a subject specific data such as Film & Television Literature Index. You can also use the new search box at the top of the page.