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Television Studies

This guide is an introduction to library and internet resources for Television Studies.

Reviews from newspapers

  1. Major metropolitan newspapers are a good source for TV reviews and information.
  2. You can also limit your searching to "reviews" in most of this group of databases.
  3. Note that the Historical newspapers do not cover the present.
  4. ProQuest Newsstand has coverage from 1980's to the present.
  5. LexisNexis and Library Pressdisplay give you more current coverage of television.

    Reviews from scholarly journals

    Except for the Screen Studies Collection, the list here highlights resources that may not have citations prior to 1970. If you need information for movies made before 1970, look at the tab above called Researching early films.

    These resources will lead you to more scholarly reviews.

    Reviews in Variety

    Reviews from Popular literature

    Readers' Guide Retrospective does provide early film coverage, but only for popular literature. Popular literature includes Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Instyle, etc.

    Online reviews

    You may have your own favorite sight for online reviews. This is a list of possibilities.