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Film Studies

This guide is an introduction to the resources for Film Studies at Dartmouth. If you are interested in Television, see the separate research guide for Television.

In the Library's collections

Most of the books on films are located in the call number range PN 1993 through PN 1999 on Baker Level 4.

Books about specific actors are located in the sections PN 2285 through PN 2287 on the same level.

Books by and about screen writers are located in the PA's through PT's depending on the home country of the writer. Do a subject or author search for the writer to see where their works are located.

  • For example, Alan Ball wrote the screenplay for American Beauty.
  • A copy of the shooting script is located at PN 1997 .A3425 1999.
  • However, one of his plays, 5 Women Wearing the Same Dress is located at PS 3552 .A4543 F58 1993.

Searching the online catalog

You can use one of the following subject headings to start your search:

A short list of books about movies

Bibliographies on film studies

A bibliography is a compilation of resources on a topic. The bibliography can be comprehensive or selective. A comprehensive bibliography tries to find every resource on the topic ever produced. A selective one tries to find the most important and informative resources. The library collection contains a number of bibliographies on motion pictures and film studies. You can use the subject search below to find the items.