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Film Studies

This guide is an introduction to the resources for Film Studies at Dartmouth. If you are interested in Television, see the separate research guide for Television.

Looking for a movie title?

The Library actively collects films from different genres. Our film collection is kept in the Jones Media Center on the 2nd level of Berry Library.

To find a specific film title, do a title search in the online catalog and look at the results.

  • If we have the film, it should be the first record you see on the screen. You may see the title more than once if we have different versions of the film.
    • For instance, if you are looking for a Godfather movie.
    • Type Godfather in the title search box and look at your results.
    • You will get a list of results.
    • Looking at the list, the third item is the film.
    • You can click on the title to see more information about the film.
    • There you have the record and can see if it available.

To see a list of films in the collection, you can do a subject search for feature films in the online catalog as an Advanced search. You can also narrow the search to Film/Video under Material Type.

  • A feature film is any full-length fiction film running at least 40 minutes. Beware though!
  • This search will generate a very long list.
  • You can limit the "feature films" search by language.
    • Click on the "Limit/Sort" button.
    • Pull down the list at "Language" and chose one.
    • You should get a list of films only in that language.
    • See a list of Chinese feature films here.

To see what films we have on a particular subject, you can do a subject search using the subject term with "drama."

Jones Media Center

The Jones Media Center maintains an online list of their latest acquisitions. Click here to see the latest list or to search for films in specific languages.

Selected film genres

To see a list of films in the selected genres below, click on one of the following links:

Adventure films  Erotic films  Prison films  Romantic
comedy films
 Baseball films  Gangster films  Puppet films  Samurai films
 Buddy films  Horror films  Religious films  Short films
 Caper films  James Bond films  Road films  Silent films

 To see a list of all the genres represented in the online catalog, click here.