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Film Studies

This guide is an introduction to the resources for Film Studies at Dartmouth. If you are interested in Television, see the separate research guide for Television.

Defining film festival

An event during which a number of films are screened on successive days at a single location, often with prizes awarded in various categories. The Cannes Film Festival, founded in 1946, is the world’s best-known event of this kind, with a range of international films submitted for competition and screening. Film festivals are a major marketplace for producers and distributors from around the world and, partly as a result of the attendance of big-name Hollywood stars, attract significant press coverage. The longest-running film festival is the Venice Film Festival, founded in 1932, which, along with Cannes and the Berlin International Film Festival in Germany (founded 1951), form Europe’s ‘big three’.  ...

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Finding library resources for film festivals

You can use the subject heading link below to find books about film festivals.

Selected book titles for film festivals

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Local film festivals

Gay Film Festivals

This list is an example of "themed" film festivals. This is just a short list of LGBT film festivals. To find other themed film festivals, you can search the internet using "film festivals."

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