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This guide highlights library resources for some of the more popular film genres.

A short definition for independent cinema

Independent cinema (US)

1. Films made outside the production, distribution, and exhibition framework of the major Hollywood studios and considered antithetical or oppositional to mainstream commercial cinema.

2. Films aimed at niche audiences made by independent film companies for commercial purposes, often in cooperation with the major film producers.

In its most common use, the term independent film, or ‘indie’ film in the US, broadly corresponds with art cinema in a European context. In 1950s New York, repertory cinemas showing European art films catered to an appreciative audience of cinephiles, inspiring would-be filmmakers to create films outside the commercial sector. Morris Engel, with his wife Ruth Orkin, made The Little Fugitive (1953), Lovers and Lollipops (1955), and Weddings and Babies (1958); and Lionel Rogosin made On the Bowery (1956)—documentary-style films informed by Neorealism. The increasing availability of portable and relatively inexpensive 16 mm cameras and Nagra tape-recording technology encouraged more filmmakers to follow their lead, among them John Cassavetes, who produced and directed Shadows (1959) and is perhaps America’s best-known independent (see also new american cinema). Other New York-based independents, include Shirley Clarke (The Connection (1962), The Cool World (1963), and Portrait of Jason (1967)); Andy Warhol (The Chelsea Girls (1966) and Lonesome Cowboys (1967)); Paul Morrissey, who after working with Warhol went on to direct Flesh (1968), Trash (1970), and Women in Revolt (1971); Robert Kramer (Ice (1969) and Milestones (with John Douglas, (1975)); and Mark Rappaport (Imposters (1979), The Scenic Route (1978)). Working during this same period but based in Los Angeles, Charles Burnett (Killer of Sheep (1977), My Brother’s Wedding (1983)) is—along with Julie Dash and Haile Gerima—a prominent African-American independent filmmaker (see black cinema (us)).   ...

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