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Film Studies: National Cinemas

This guide highlights selected resources for various national cinemas.

Defining "World Cinema"

World Cinema is a term used in film studies in a range of shifting and loosely overlapping senses, and implying different critical, theoretical, and methodological perspectives.

1. Cinema in global sense, embracing all cinemas of the world. This approach informs varyingly exhaustive multinational surveys, historical and otherwise, of the world’s cinemas (Nowell-Smith; Luhr) and some studies of media globalization (Chaudhuri; Dennison and Lim). Until the late 1990s this was the most commonplace usage and understanding of the term.

2. Postcolonial studies of Third World cinemas, including cinemas embodying non-mainstream attitudes to film content and/or film style (Guneratne and Dissanayake; Shohat and Stam). This approach is relatively uncommon in World cinema studies.

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In the Library's collections

This guide is here to showcase films and film-making around the world. You can also find resources which look at how a country is portrayed in film. Various countries or areas are located in the tabs.

Each page will list selected book titles, any journal titles specific to that country's film industry and a very short, selected list of films available through streaming or in the Jones Media Center.

To find other films, search the Library's online catalog. The catalog contains all the titles we own or can stream.

Introductory reading(s)

To see more resources found in the online catalog on world cinema, click here. The listings in this box are meant as a short introduction to world cinema.

Series - New Directions in National Cinemas

Find more titles in this series in the online catalog.

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