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Film Studies: National Cinemas

This guide highlights selected resources for various national cinemas.


This page highlights the streaming video services to which the Library subscribes. The films in these databases are available for viewing, creating clips and making comments. Remember, if you are off-campus, you must run VPN first before viewing any film.

Internet resource(s)

These internet sites help you determine what is available for streaming and where you can find it. It does not mean the Library has access to a specific film title. It will help you determine if something is streaming. Not everything on video is available on a streaming platform.

Streaming statistics on the internet

Streaming services

Before going directly to one of the streaming services below, please check the library's online catalog first. If we have the film on DVD, we will not usually buy access to the film via one of the services (if available). If this is something needed for a course, please contact the Jones Media Center. The Center can help you with alternative access or lend you a DVD player.

When completing your form for film reserves, list ALL of the films you want including any titles found in one of the streaming services. Not all titles in the various services are available for viewing. The Jones Media Center may have an alternative source for viewing. This also helps us know what is being used and what is needed.

If you have any questions about the streaming services or what is available from them, please contact Lucinda M. Hall.

An Explanation of How Kanopy Works

The Kanopy service has a distinctive business model which is based on setting up an account at the beginning of the financial year. The service is patron-driven and draws down from that annually budgeted account as films are selected by our patrons. This “patron driven” model is really rather different than an annual subscription model such as you might find with Netflix or Amazon.  When using Kanopy, after the third view of a film (defined as 30 seconds or more) we are charged a license activation fee which supplies all patrons unlimited access to that particular film (not all films) for 1-year.  When the 1-year license expires then the process repeats, and we potentially pay again for that same film for another year. However, a new account is set up at the beginning of each new financial year.

[Test courtesy of Kenneth Peterson, Associate Librarian for Access and Collections Strategies, 5/2019]

For another perspective on Kanopy, please see Chris Cagle's commentary in Film Quarterly.

PLEASE NOTE: Kanopy film are not available for casual viewing. Please check the online catalog to see if we have the film available in another streaming service or on DVD. If we have the film on DVD, contact the Jones Media Center about access to the film.